December 6th is the day — it’s the day that God, Grace, and Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith & Friendship releases.  I’m so excited, nervous, slightly nauseous over the whole thing.  I want this to be ALL for God’s glory and I’m just terrified I’m going to HOP RIGHT UP on that pride bandwagon and make it all about me — so if you see me doing that, knock me off… nicely, but knock me off.

I’m thrilled about the book and thanking God for the incredible message He is giving me to go along with this work — a message about the true adventure- life in Christ.   But more on that later…

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I plan on doing some fun stuff with the newsletter – like giving away prizes!

And that brings me to my question for you today —

The book is all about friendships, faith and incredible adventures.  What would be your FAVORITE giveaway idea for this book?  I want to hear all of your ideas! From the simplest to most incredible!  What would you LOVE to win or what would you LOVE to giveaway?