Girlfriends, God, and Grace is good!  Not according to me, but according to my publisher!  She said it’s good!  I’m humbled!  And I’m blessed to work with two incredible women — DW and JS.  Don’t know if they want their names plastered all over my blog, so we’ll just leave it at that for now.  I’ve learned so very much.  JS is the copy editor and I studied over her redlined pages looking at what she deleted and trying to figure out why.  She has taught me to structure my work better.  As for DW – this is one amazing lady!  I’m thrilled to have her talent working on my book.

I can’t believe it is time to take the next step on the journey.  The step into ….oh, I don’t know what comes next??  Typesetting, I think.  Endorsements!  Yes, endorsements!  I’m thinking

Anita Renfroe (y’all know how much I love me some Anita!!! Any chick who thinks to juse the center of the toilet cover as blotting paper is someone I want to hang with!)

Beth Moore (another one of those, y’all knoOw how much I love me some Siesta Beth!! )

Neta Jackson (YADA YADA Prayer Group — ’nuff said! )

Lisa Whittle (Behind Those Eyes – I love this woman!  She rocks!  Her truth and love for God’s Word inspires me.  And I’ve heard she plays a mean game of tennis!!)

So many more that I would be honored to have endorse my book!!! 

What an amazing day God has given me!  Lord, I know it’s time to take that next step on the journey,  but can I just stay here.  I’m finally gettig this part to make sense.

Off to do a little happy dancing….. Snoopy style…..



There are so many more!!