Okay — has anyone noticed who posted a comment on my Photo Woes post?  Go look . . ..

Are you back?  Did you see that?  Oh, my word.  Anita Renfroe posted on my blog.  I almost passed out.  So here’s the story:

It’s like 11:30 and I’m sitting here working on revisions and an email ta das into my box. Being the concsientious person that I am, I zipped over there to read it.  Not that I was trying to procrastinate the revisions, seriously it might be something important that requires my undivided attention.  Right.

There’s an email comment from my blog — side note: when you comment on this blog, the comments are sent to me via email (and they’re posted on the blog).  So here’s this email from AnitaRenfroe.com and I’m thinking …. what? 

And it’s her!  How cool is that?  So, I zip off this cute but snappy email to her — nope, not what happened. I wrote her back and sounded like a complete nutcase.  I was so star struck and just blown away.  Of course, after all of that I didn’t ask her where she found out about my blog and the post that references her.   I sent her a follow up email, but I think I may be on the ‘watch’ list at the Anita Renfroe site.  So, I don’t really expect to hear from her again. 

I truly was star struck for some time, but then it occurred to me.  She’s serving the same God that I am.  She’s called to do one thing and I’m called to do another.  She’s a serving the King and is my sister in Christ  — I shouldn’t be star struck by her.   I’m working on it — but she has a line of greeting cards.  I mean seriously, who has a line of greeting cards?  Snoopy and Anita, that’s who! 

Okay, I’m putting off this start struck thing and I’m forging on through the revisions and everything else that is looming large on the horizon.  I do think it’s so cool how wonderful God is.  He knows that I love the funny and I needed something fun in my life with all this other stuff bogging me down — He sends me Anita Renfroe.  What a blessing!  He really lifted my spirits and made me remember just why I do what I do — I’m doing it for His glory, not mine.  I’m doing it because He called  me, no other reason. 

But it was fun to get a comment from Anita Renfroe.