The last week has been MORE than surreal.  Just a week ago I was finalizing the script for the KLove Fan Awards — yes, you read that right.  I wrote the script for the KLove Fan Awards.  If you happened to listen to the show — those were my words people were saying … well most of them.  You just don’t script that Duck Dynasty bunch — but I was honored they used my ideas!  And yes, to answer your question, I’m stunned to have gotten a chance to do this.  It was a honor, a thrill and a joy!  It was all that and more.

I wish I could describe it to you – but I can’t.  There aren’t enough words — or maybe I’m not good enough string the right words together.  Let me just share a couple of things about me —  I LOVE anything from the historic south — and that means I LOVE the history behind the Ryman.  I love that Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn sang here.  I love that it was the home of the Grand Ole Opry for many years.  I love the history that happened in that place and on that stage.   You can’t imagine the thrill of seeing this picture — my words on the teleprompters on the stage at the Ryman!  Ryman stage — where amazing people played including Elvis Presley, Hank Williams (the original), Dolly Parton, and SO MANY MORE — and my words… the ones I wrote … I just want to clap my hands and squeal just a bit, but I’ll pretend to be cool, but know this inside I spent the entire evening jumping and clapping in my heart — a few days it just jumped out of me!  It was great!



I give God all the credit and the glory  for this journey.  I planned to write books.  I never considered writing a script for an award show — but oh my at the fun I had!!  And I hope to write the one for next year!

After an incredible weekend filled with shows, stars, lights, red carpets and parties.  I headed home to reality and to something I’d looked forward to even more than the awards show — the family lake weekend!  Because I get to spend extended amounts of time with this little guy!  Isn’t he wonderful??!!  And he makes me laugh, clap my hands and jump up and down more than anything else in my word — his mom and aunt come close, but oh my he is so wonderful!!

(Sadly, I’ve spent the last three days in the bed recovering from some horrific sinus/ respiratory infection that made me sound like like a cross between a 25 year smoker and kermit the frog — lovely sounding — and made me sleep for hours on end.  I’m requesting a lake/ family week do over from the family.   But I think they are tired at hearing me hack, cough, choke and snore my way through this weekend.



From the Red Carpet to wooden pier with an almost 2 year old boy — I’ll take the pier and the boy any day of the week.   It’s a crazy life!