I am quickly approaching my last year in my 40s.  I know!  It shocks the socks off me, too.

As I look around, I think about all I wish I would have done by now — losing that dreaded 10 … okay 40 extra pounds are HIGH on my list.

There was a time when I wanted to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.  That was until I remembered I can’t look down while standing on a step stool for fear of fainting.

There was also that dream of fronting my very own Rock band – SkinTight.  And yes, that name and concept came out of my high school years when wearing clothing skin tight was not only a possibility it was highly likely.  Today, I’d have to name that band – Elastic (waist)band.

Of course, my complete lack of any musical talent whatsoever may have had some bearing on the loss of the rock band dream.  Although considering all the bad singers who were famous in the 1980s for screaming into mics, wearing garish makeup and tossing their big hair, I think I could’ve had a shot.  I excel at tossing my hair, wearing too much makeup and hollering.

Another thing I’ve not achieved (but I STILL have 12 1/2 months… so hope springs eternal!) is the first EVER iceskating gymnast.  I like to think of this as my personal nod to the Olympics — and a blending of both Summer & Winter games.  Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?  We wouldn’t have to wait two whole years for an Olympics.

And on a side note — do y’all remember when we had summer & winter games in the SAME year.  It was Olympic nirvana!!  Until 1992 when the Olympic committee decided that two games in one year was more Olympics than needed.  Now we have Winter games and two years later Summer games and so on. (also, I need to tell y’all that I just googled the words ‘winter summer olympics in the same year’ because I don’t want to mislead anyone with faulty Olympic knowledge. Thank you Wikipedia for the plethora of Olympic info!)  

Now, back to my plan to be the first ever ice twirling, flipping, pommel house vaulting, balance beam standing skater.  Alas, this is a dream that will NOT see the light of day even with 12 1/2 months to train because:

  1. I can’t ice skate
  2.  I don’t flip, vault or twirl (without looking like a complete fool and since this is the Olympics and NOT the comedy hour…. well, you get the point.
  3. I find balancing on flat ground to be challenging enough — no beam for me.
  4. I don’t like those skimpy outfits (well, I might if I achieved that first goal on the list)

As I approach my last year of my 40s, I’m handing off (again with the fun Olympic references) my dream and my goal of blending the winter and summer games.  My hope is that some younger, more flexible, girl will pick up this dream.  And it may even be someone with a smidgen of athletic ability.    Let’s bring it home!!  Let’s come together…. right now, over me….sorry, slipped into a Beatles song.  It happens — particularly if you once planned on starting your own band and now  heading into your last year of your 40s with nary a band opportunity in sight.

For all the ‘Wish I would’ve Dones,’ I have a life filled with ‘Wow, I did’s!’   And a whole lot more living to do!

God has blessed me beyond all measure and continues to bless me today.