It was a weekend in Georgia that started off great and ended up incredible.   It all started when Tammy affectionally known as Inga to some asked me to come to Travis Cottrell live recording in Atlanta….
I said “Sure, I’d love to come.”  

I didn’t know Tammy well, but we’d met in New Orleans at the Breaking Free taping and she and Jenny Hope were just so much fun — and Nancy!  I loved them all. 

Before I knew it I was knee deep in Siesta stuff — and loving it.  The next thing I know I’m asking Melinda to room with me.   After shooting off that email I worried that she might think I’m a nutcase at best or a stalker, at worst.  She didn’t think either — she thought it would be fun and she’s all level headed and stuff.    It was obviously a God thing because Melinda and I got along wonderfully and she is an absolute joy.    Kim joined us on Friday — and she is an absolute doll!!  And gorgeous to boot.  We had so much fun it really should be illegal or at least, fattening!




These two women are just wonderful! And I’m hanging on to them –whether they want me to or not (of course, in the event of a restraining order, I’ll just take back that above statement).

These two women just warmed my spirit — and I had an immediate attachment to both of them.  I then met Robyn and Gayle — and these are two amazing Alabama girls!!  We have a bunch of wonderful Alabama Siestas — but since I’m not one to brag, I won’t start naming names…. but we do have Lisa aka ThePreachersWife in our little group. That’s all I’m saying.

Alabama siestas – me Robyn, and Gayle


Okay, y’all — I love everyone and I want to put everyone’s blog link here, but the pressure is just huge.  I type in what I think is her blog name, but no!  We aren’t simply thepreacherswife — no, no, we have a dash between preacher and wife.  So, I keep ending up linking to people I don’t even know and who probably will think I’m a stalker. I am stopping here but know that I’m sending nuthin’ but love.



I met more incredible women than I can even recall — Deborah, Sherry, Sheryl, Nesha (also a Sat roomie), Cheryl, Deedra, Brooke,  Kara, Stephanie, Patty, Fran (with the really cool coat), Georgia, Georgia Jan, Patty (sweet Siesta blogging Patty who I did not get to spend enough time with), Lavonda, Tammy (the other tammy), Nikki (who taught we how to listen of the click of a door opening), Angela, Charlotte,  and so many, many more!! (Please, please forgive me if I’ve left you off the list!!!! I love you even in my forgetfulness!!)

Me, Lisa, and Tammy


And did I mention the praisin’ going on at the Travis Cottrell live recording.  The FBC Woodstock choir which is like 300 plus members — I’ve belonged to churches much smaller than that — was just awesome!!  the whole night just blew me out of the water.  The presence of God was just overwhelming and awe-inspiring.   You have to buy this CD when it comes out!  Travis Cottrell was awesome!! 

It was a privlege to worship with this women.  It was an honor to now call them my friends. And it was an absolute joy to my spirit to laugh (A WHOLE LOT) with this crazy, godly, beautiful bunch of women!!