We just finished up the  No Other Gods (by Kelly Minter) Bible study.  It was a wonderful and wild bunch – not too wild, okay, sometimes they were really wild, but I love them and I loved the times we shared. 

 These women keep me on my toes and on my knees.  They are awesome prayer warriors, mighty women of God and incredible sisters in the faith.  Let me share a little about this band of Bible study warriors. 

 We’re made up of two groups – the Sunday night and the Wednesday night. 

Sunday night is a smaller group, but they are a powerful gathering of God’s women.  These sassy sisters range from young Mom to grandmother — with a bit of everything in between.  These women just encourage me to soak in God’s word and in His grace.   Their laughter at life and encouragement of each other is a joy.

 The Wednesday night group is larger (almost twice as big) and I call them the wild Wednesday  bunch.  right in.  They jump headlong into discussions and challenge one another. 

We have several  newcomers who’ve jumped right in and joined this study —  and how awesome is that?!!   

 We have some new Moms who  ocassionally  bring their sweet babies – and I like to sit really close and breathe in that sweet baby smell.  I just inhale really deep, look at that darling baby face and then WHAM!  I remember what new parenting is like.  No sleep. Minimal working brain cells and people expect you to function – I remember thinking ‘are you nuts? I’ve had three hours of sleep in the past ten days and if you even look at me like you want to ask me a favor, I’ll throttle you. And yes, isn’t my baby adorable.’ 

 I think those early parenting days made me a bit nutty (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)  – but back on topic, Bible study class. 

 We have one member of our class who fits both criteria – new Mom and new Member.  Sandy is a joy to the whole class and to me!  She’s a new little treasure in our fellowship. 

We have a few other new treasures — DeeDee, Lori, and Renee are all fairly new and they’ve all blessed me in so many ways. 

 Over the past two months I’ve gotten to know these women – I’ve prayed for them and I’ve studied with them.  I’ve learned alongside them and I’ve asked God to show them what He’s shown me – the great and mighty things He’s shown me! 

And HE has!  I’ve watched women lay down idols and embrace the freedom of trusting God! 


And what an amazing freedom it is.  A freedom from the need to always be in charge and in control.

God has done and is continuing to do an amazing work in the lives of these women and in my life. 


I’m awestruck to be along for this amazing ride of faith. 


As one of our members (and forgive me for not remembering who ) said, “it’s like riding a rollercoaster with your hands up.” 

So, here I am — hands lifted high, on the ride of my life.