As a nod to the summer reruns, this post originally ran Sept 2008

Do you ever just wonder why?  I do and some of the things I wonder about make me wonder about me.  Make any sense?

Here are a few of the things I wonder about.

I wonder why …

—  it never rains when I’m having a super bad hair day.

— there are only  only two magazines in the doctor’s office::

Prevention  — and doesn’t this  seem like an oxymoron — reading Prevention magazine in the doctor’s office? If I read and followed this magazine, couldn’t I prevent most of the junk that sends me to the doctor.  Hmm? What is my doctor trying to tell me?

High Lights — which was great fun when I was 10.  But that great sense of accomplishment that came from from finding the hidden pitchfork in the picture just doesn’t happen today.   It’s better than reading Prevention, though.

— all the  credit card swipe-y machines are NOT all alike.  The pressure is just so huge to answer all the questions. Debit or Credit?  Cash?  How Much?  Now, some stores have added questions to keep you busy while the cashier rings up your outrageously priced items– is the store clean?  did the cashier greet you? Now, those are not just yes or no questions, think about it.  I want to respond with complete thoughts.

Did your cashier greet you today? No, she didn’t greet me but I think it’s because I was head -first in my buggy trying to retrieve a rogue eye pencil that  wedged itself between the fold down seat and the back.  So, I think if she’d greeted me, she would have said hello to my hind end.

Or my other favorite question — Is your store clean today? No, it’s not, when’ s the last time you were in this place.

–the older I get the faster the birthdays come?

— there’s  a cream, serum. lotion for every aging ailment?  We have the wrinkle cream, the firming serum, the moisturizing lotion, and should I buy all of them?  And what is a fixative?  Aren’t they all fixatives?  Do I want fewer wrinkles, firmer skin, newer looking skin?  The pressure is so huge in this aging thing.  Can I just get a bottle of look-like-you-did-before-life-happened-to-your-face?  I don’t want to look 20 or even 30 — I’d just like mid to late 30s.  Seems like 40 hit  — and it hit me in the face.

–I can’t think of anything else. oh wait here’s one:

I wonder why is it I can sing every word to ‘Dust in the Wind.’ ‘Stairway to Heaven,‘  ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’and hundreds of other 70s and 80s songs but I struggle to memorize a scripture verse?

I wonder why

–it seemed like my daughters would never grow up and now it seems like it just flew by? (and my baby is 15 —  which once seemed old, but now seems so young).

— when I was 18, I wondered what old people — like people over 30 – looked  forward to in life.  Of course, now I wonder what people 18 look forward to,

— I still don’t feel like a grown-up  most days.

So, these are just a few of the things that make me wonder why?  And you thought I would tell you I wonder about the meaning of life or something equally deep. Nope, not me.  I try focus on the important things in life,  like hair, wrinkles, and shoes …. but I didn’t mention anything about shoes in this post did I? Oh, it’s coming up.  Stay tuned.