I remember saying yes and immediately thinking …. WHAT did I just do? 

Of course now I need to bring you up to speed.  I’m talking about agreeing to be on the Made to Crave webcast.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so honored to be asked, but I’m now TERRIFIED.  I’m going on a webcast to talk about my food issues with Lysa TerKeurst.  Let’s just break this down:

Going on a webcast – this part sounds fun!  I can tell all my friends to watch… so y’all watch me.

Talk about food issues – not my favorite topic, it’s less than that –it’s not a topic I even want to review AT ALL.  It’s bad enough to TALK about food issues, but to talk about them and have people look at me, that’s a whole new level of ‘oh no.’ 

with Lysa TerKeurst – this is my favorite part!  I just love this girl.  She’s the best – so real and genuine.  And y’all I know she gave up sugar, but she’s really wonderful and I even UNDERSTAND why she gave it up. It makes sense to me.

But I’m going on there with her and I feel like such a fraud!  I LOVE Made to Crave and I firmly believe it’s a God given message for change.   But WHY in the world would anyone, anywhere want to hear anything from me…. I’ve only lost a handful of pounds and I have MANY MORE to go.  I will wear my Spanx and wonder if that’s okay – am I being real, but I’ll wear them and just tell y’all I’m wearing them.  I think that will count as keeping it real.

I’m terrified to be on the webcast because I know it’ll be like TV and make me look 40 pounds heavier.  Oh, you heard it makes you look 10 pounds heavier, well I heard 40 and we’re going with mine since this is my blog post.

And I’m just wondering what in the world do I have to say that anyone wants to hear — and this is where the enemy gets me! Right smack in the middle of my insecurities.  I’m too fat, old, different, and just plain out there to fit in.   \

But then I remember that Jesus LOVES me and that’s what this whole thing is about – that He loves me and I don’t have to prove myself.  HE loves me and I want to CRAVE Him as much as He loves me.  I want to chase after Him more than ever before.  I want to know Him and spend time with Him and CRAVE Him. 

The very first Made to Crave webcast happens tonight at 7pm Central time or 8pm Eastern time and for the rest of you time zones, y’all do the math.  Watch tonight at your appropriate times right here – >  Made to Crave Webcast and you can twitter along and don’t forget to come back ever Monday night. 
I’ll be on the January 31st webisode…. so please be around for that.  What if no one showed up for mine… oh no!   Squashing those insecurities before they start!