I’ve started and stopped this blog post more times than I can count.  I’ve written hundreds of words and erased every one of them.

I wish I had great wisdom.

I don’t.

I wish I could tell you this will NEVER happen again.

I can’t.

I wish I’d never heard  of Newton, Connecticut or Sandy Hook Elementary, but I have.

I also know about schools in Jonesboro, Paducah, Pearl and Columbine.

I wish they were just names of cities instead of identifiers to horrific school shootings.

Why did this happen?

I don’t have an answer.

I’ve heard all the ideas.   But not one idea will replace a dead child.

Not one reason, fills the aching and empty arms of  the parent of a dead child.

Not one agenda will comfort a Mom who is planning a funeral instead of a Christmas surprise.

There are no answers.  Only grief.  There is no reason,  only tears.  There is no understanding.  Ever.  There is only faith.

There is faith that God is good.

It’s this faith that gets me through.

It’s this faith that I pray over ever grieving parent and grandparent.

God be near.