Have you ever wondered who they are?  You know…. They.  The ones who will take care of everything.  When you see the homeless man wearing only a t-shirt while you are bundled up in a new winter coat and think They’ll have a warm place for him to sleep tonight. When I see the faded beauty of a young woman caught up in addiction and think  They need to have more places for her to get help.   Or you read about the rampant increase in methamphetamine abuse and think They need to get this under control.

It’s when you see the news report about the battered woman who was so severely beaten she died or the child who was held under scalding water as a punishment for wetting the bed ….. and you turn away hoping they will do something.

That is who they are.

And the church has given over our job to they.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me – I know there are many churches and individuals who are out there in the trenches doing the hard thing.  They are serving the homeless, opening their homes to foster children, risking their safety with battered women and giving their time, money and heart to help those in need.  But…. and isn’t that a big word … as a rule the Church in America is waiting on They.  And They isn’t doing a great job because They need us.

Children are hungry.  Women are beaten.  Men and women, young and old, are in the death grip of drug addiction. Children in foster care are desperate for help.  Battered women need to know someone cares.  Drug addicts are looking for a chance.  This is just the beginning. 

These are a few of the ones who need us – not they.  Will we step up? 



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