This is a blog title I’ve used several times and it’s a question I keep enasking myself —

Where is the church?

Ten years ago I was just another suburbanite Mom – complete with a mini van and two adorable daughters.  I’d left corporate America to follow my dream of being a stay at home Mom and a writer.  I loved my life, but I lived in a bubble – church, my girls’ school, and my sweet rural community.

One day I stepped out of the bubble and into advocacy work for abused children – talk about culture shock.  I was stunned speechless and trust me that is truly shocking.

I found myself face to face with people who were drowning in a sea of drugs, abuse, and neglect – I had no idea…. at least that’s what I told myself and others.

But I knew better.  I’d read about huge influx of drugs in our area.  I knew spousal abuse was out of control and even law enforcement turned a blind eye.  And child abuse?  I’d heard the stories from educators, nurses and day care workers.  So, I had more than an idea, I had knowledge, but chose to look the other way.

Looking the other way is just easier.

I don’t want to look into the eyes of a beaten and abused child and tell him he has to go home to his abusers.

I don’t want to help a women find her way out of an abusive relationship only to watch her return to him in few weeks or days.

I don’t want to help an addict get clean and watch her go right back into the addiction.

I looked away and assumed ‘they’ would handle it.

And then I became ‘they.’ Or at least one of them.  And I needed help.  I went to the logical place – the church.

And the church acted like me and looked the other way.


Over the next days & weeks I’m going to delve into the topic – Where’s the Church?  I would love to have you join me.