The world is just so noisy!  And it’s noisy with some great noise.  There is every kind of ministry and movement in the Christian world.  Most are wonderful causes and callings — from feeding the poor, housing the homeless, freeing those trapped in slavery, living radically and speaking boldly.

I may want to THROW myself into every SINGLE one of these ministries — but I can’t give everything my all.  There’s just not enough ALL to go around.  Certainly, I’m called to meet the needs the Lord places before me — but I’m talking about ALL OUT investing my time, energy and self into a ministry.

It seems as if we jump from great cause to great cause — and hey, maybe the Lord is calling you to jump and if so…girl JUMP!!  But I wonder if there are times when we jump just to fit in.  I know I’ve done it.  I want to be in with the crowd. I want to hang out with the cool kids and be accepted.

But the Lord doesn’t always call me to that.  Sometimes He places me elsewhere — a place that doesn’t have a crowd; a place that isn’t well known; a calling that won’t be on anyone’s twitter feed or facebook status.

I’m talking about that today on this latest vlog.  I hope you’ll take a listen and a look — since I’m sporting a retro 1950s look (with a purpose….aw, but you have to watch to figure it all out)