What to Wear on the Stage — and what to avoid

May 4, 2021


What to wear on stage — now this is a topic that requires you embrace your personal style.

I’m here to give you tips on what works well on the stage, but you have to decide what looks the best and feels the best for you.

Let your personality shine in what you wear.  However, if you are a wear black for all occasions kind of speaker, then I’m encouraging you to branch out.  Black outfits on a dark stage can make you look like a floating head.

Here are a fews what to wear that works well:

  • make sure it’s comfortable and fits well.  You don’t want to be pulling and tugging at your clothes
  • check your hemline and your neckline
  • test run your outfit and video yourself to see how it looks from every angle
  • jewel tones look best in the bright lights and on the screen
  • prints are fun and do well on the stage, but not as well on the screen.  small prints are hard on the eyes on the screen
  • white is a harsh color to wear on stage
  • if you’re a jewelry lover, make sure your accessories can’t be heard over the microphone
  • shoes — cute is important, but make sure they won’t torture your feet.
  • know the dress code of the event
  • always travel with a backup outfit — you just never know

Above all – be you!
You are perfect just the way you are.

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