It’s called Historic Route 66 these days.  There are special road signs to point the way.  It’s historic and special because Route 66 no longer exists.  It was removed from the map in 1985, but old Route 66 was fading away in the late 1970s when the highways system replaced the winding, twisting Route through hundreds of small towns from Chicago to Santa Monica.

I’ve been out here on the old Route for a few days and I’ve seen the once booming towns that are now little more than ghost towns.  I stopped at roadside attractions that are no more than remnants of  once vibrant businesses.

To be out here with all this history just thrills my soul, but to see the empty buildings and the abandoned land makes my heart ache.

The highway didn’t just bypass the small towns, it bypassed the people who lived and earned a living in these small towns.  We bypassed the personal touch of a locally owned motor court for the speed of an interstate and the familiarity of a chain hotel.

We gave up adventure for the destination.

God calls us to an adventure in faith and how many times do we want to know God’s WILL for our lives.  We (and this is me too!) get so caught up in figuring out God’s will for our lives that we MISS the Route 66 adventure God has for us.

The Lord is placing amazing sights before you, but are you missing them because your focus is on the end result.

Pull back, slow down, and ask God to show you the adventure in every one of your days… or rather, every minute within your day.

Ask the Lord to show you His will in everything you do from the simplest to the most challenging.  God is right there — He wants us to experience ABUNDANT life in Him, but we can’t do that if we’re racing down the interstate and refuse to pull onto the road less traveled.