I just spent 9 days away from home!  That’s a lot of days to be gone.  I miss my man, my house and my family.  But I do LOVE to travel.  I like hotels and I love hanging out with great peopled!

I lived in hotels for 9 days — and I sort of love that.  Room fairies are my favorite part.  I love how my room is cleaned, bed made and all this done while I’m out.  It’s like magic!

I also love being with so many people for days on end!  I just LOVE interacting with all kinds of folks.  Funny ones, serious ones, stoic ones and giggling ones.   I feel as if it’s my mission to make them all laugh.

I sat through workshops about branding myself, writing book proposals, becoming a better speaker and all were wonderful.  I needed to hear all of it — and I learned from each one.   After each one  I had to fight the urge to immediately start working on whatever I’d just learned.  I wanted to just BE there — soak up the people and soak up all that Jesus had for me in each moment.

I had the chance to help a sweet friend at several book signings.  I entertained people as they waited to get their book signed by her- and I loved every minute of it.  I laughed with people, took pictures for people and shared stories. I prayed with a few and listened to heartbreak.  In all of it, I knew I was exactly where the Lord wanted me to be — serving His girls.   It was such a blessing!

Nine days out of my regular routine — the Lord used these 9 days to show me that I don’t have to KNOW what’s next.  I just need to exist in the What Is!    I don’t have to figure out the NEXT BIG STEP — I just have to enjoy the provision for this day.  How much have I missed looking for the NEXT STEP?    SO MUCH.

I still struggle with the WHAT’S Next, but I’m comfortable in the WHAT IS.  Jesus is right here with me in the WHAT IS.  He’s leading me through each step.  He’s pointing out the blessings along the way — and if I’m only focused on the NEXT, I’ll miss the very blessing that is before me — the WHAT IS.

Today — don’t worry about the NEXT STEP.  Just relax and enjoy the day.  Look at who the Lord places in front of you.  It may be a line of women waiting to get an autograph or maybe it’s the checker at the grocery store.

Trust His plan and His Hand — and enjoy the blessing of WHAT IS.