It’s been three weeks since I’ve posted.  Hi my name is Mary and I’m a pathetic blogger. 

I have no excuse other than I’m busy as all get out.  What is a get out and how is it busy?  I don’t know.  I just repeat these grand sayings, I don’t make them up.

Back to my poor blogging.  If you noticed my absence.  I’m sorry.  If you didn’t, well, just disregard the previous statements and let’s jog right on into the meat of this jolly little post.

I have nothing here.  I want to talk about lots of serious stuff, but I’m just not in the mood. 

I want to talk about my latest leap into healthy eating, but I’m afraid I might jinx it.  (And please don’t write me about being superstitious , I’m just joking).

I want to talk about my baby girl beginning her senior year in just a few weeks, but I’m in absolute denial. 

So, let’s just talk about what you’ve been doing this summer.  Me?  I’ve been whining about being hot.  Lord, let me, it’s H.O.T. in Alabama.  Seems it was 100 years ago that I was whining and wailing about being cold, now I’d give anything for just one day with a high temp under 98. 

And yes, I’m talking about the weather on my blog – sad. 

I wish I had some sort of theme, plan, rhyme or reason to my blog, but I don’t.  I just have me and random that I am. 

What’s happening in your summer?