We just returned from eight days in the West – specifically Grand Tetons & Yellowstone National Park.  Our first stop was Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons where we stayed three days in a rustic cabin and I loved it.  The views were breath taking, the internet was non-existent (unless you went to the camp lounge which was down a hill and through the snow – literally).


I learned that I can survive without being  ‘connected’ to the virtual world and in that disconnect I found a deeper connection to God.

How easy it is to get caught up in the rush-rush world I live in.  Deadlines, immediate needs, and constant activity.  No such thing at Colter Bay.  No television, minimal cell service, and my smart phone was just …. well, worthless as a communication device.  The air is thinner (at almost 7000 feet above sea level), the weather is cooler and the sun is stronger – and I’m calmer.  IMG_0035

Slowing down made me think about what I put before God.  So much.  And I justify it as ‘ministry’ or ‘worthy.’  I’m learning that ANYTHING I place before Him is an idol and in the WRONG place –be it my blogging, speaking, teaching,  writing, church,  my friends and even my family.  He is FIRST, always and in all ways.

Just a glance at this amazing creation, the creation of His Hands, shows me He is God and He is worthy of ALL PRAISE.  It’s my honor and my joy to praise Him and to put Him above ALL things in my life.  Sometimes it takes going to a place that is so removed from my everyday life to remind me of this.

Where is God in your life?  Is He above ALL?