I’m working on a message on self-image.  I know I’ve dealt with self-image for years.  For a long time I felt ugly, not just unattractive, but Wicked Witch of the East ugly (probably didn’t help that I had this part in the high school play… childhood issues and all that jazz).

I hated HATED, loathed getting my picture taken and for years I NEVER had a picture of me.  I think most of my 30s are picture-less.. oh well.  Life will go on.

Along with the ugly, I thought I was FAT, not heavy, overweight or fluffy (my personal favorite), but we’re talking Mama Cass size and for those who are too young to know who Mama Cass is …. go away… okay, you don’t have to go away, but think Circus  Fat Lady fat.  Yep, that’s what I thought.  And the funny thing is I wasn’t, at all.

Much has changed in the past years, I no longer think I’m ugly and I know I need to lose a few … or a more … pounds, but I don’t feel ugly.  I know who I am.  My worth does come from me, but through Him.  On my own, I’m just a big ol’ big haired mess, but with Christ I am child of God.

Today, I know who I am!

I am:

Christ’s masterpiece  – Eph 2:10

Dearly loved – Col 3:12

righteous, in Christ – 2 Corinth 5:21

Forgiven – Eph 1:7

holy  & blameless – Eph 1:4

in Christ – 1 Corinth 1:30

sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit -Eph 1:13

I have a hope – 1 Peter 1:3

I have freedom – Gal 5:1

I am seated w/ Jesus in the heavenly realm – Eph 2:6

I am COMPLETE in Christ – Col 2:9-10

And in Christ I am Fabulous because He is Fabulous, this is NOT of me, but through Him.  He has come to give us abundant life (John 10:10).  It’s His gift to us – it’s a gift He gives us in His grace.  We didn’t earn this life of fabulous, but we can walk in it.

So girls, I want to know – What do you see in mirror?  Are you Fabulous?