I’ve been keeping a secret from y’all – and I’m about to bust to tell y’all so here goes!

This requires a bit of backstory, so bear with me. 

I’ve long been a fan of Lysa TerKeurst.  Love her blog and love her books.  She just seems so real and approachable.  I just knew I’d like her if if we ever met. 

Some time ago – a couple of years or so – Lysa starting blogging about food issues and her decision to give up sugar.  Done.  I don’t want to read about this.  I’m fine with my weight.  Sure I need to lose a few pounds…. okay, more than a few, but I’m good.  God loves me just as I am. 

I stopped reading her blog for a time, Slowly I came back, but I when those weight issue / no sugar blogs popped up, I clicked off.  Then I met Lysa and her assistant Holly Good – and just loved them both.  I even started reading those blog posts – the ones about weight and realized…. she wasn’t talking about weight at all.  Those blog posts were more about the heart than about the scales.  I started reading and God used those posts to prick my heart. Is food more important to me than You?

Several months ago Lysa TerKeurst put up an offer to read through her new project Made to Crave.  I jumped on the offer and then I was terrified.  What in the world I’m I doing? Reading the occasional  post is one thing, but a whole book?    I knew Made to Crave was about food issues and I really didn’t want to face mine.  Maybe I wouldn’t be picked.  Only a handful were going to be selected – the first 30 or so.  Surely, I’m not in that group.  Whew! 

And then I got the email…. I was in the small group.  Oh great, now I have to face that I have a problem.

Agreeing to read the book and give feedback made me take the first step to facing the issues – not food, but focus. Where do I spend my time?  What holds my attention and my focus?  What do I think about?

And I’m still facing it.  I’m walking through the changes – not about pounds on a scale or the size of my jeans, but about a heart change.  I’m learning to replace my craving for food with a craving for God. 

My desire is to crave God as much as I crave chocolate.  I want to crave God like I crave big, fat, yeast rolls. 

I want to make food more about sustenance and less about idol worship…. yes, idol worship. 

But more on that tomorrow. 

And more news tomorrow…. so much more.