Oh my stars!  What a wild adventure I’ve been on these last few days.  An adventure filled with wonderful women, loads of God stories, amazing worship and sweet friendship.  I am beyond blessed to work with Premier Christian Cruises and Girl’s Get-A-Way Cruise is my very favorite cruise.  I remember reading about this cruise years ago and just wishing I  could sail along — and now I am working with the company.  Isn’t God just so cool?!

We sailed on beautiful ship, but it wasn’t about the ship is was about the women we sailed with.  They were every size and shape and age.  And we had a BLAST! They had such amazing stories to share and share we did.  But not enough, never enough.   I am so excited about next year and more stories.

I was so humbled to have them show up to hear me speak and then to sign their copies of my book.  When I looked up and realized there was a line of people wanting my autograph, I almost fell to my knees instead I sent up a silent prayer of thanks and a request to never forget that it’s NOT about me but all about Him.

I’m home now and would love to share some picture with you but I’ll have to wait until someone posts some since I am a failure at capturing any picture memories.  Until then here are a couple of fun shots.


Me on stage…. and can you BELIEVE they gave me a microphone?  And I finally gave it back.

a few staff members, some sweet guests and a airline pilot we drafted to be in the picture!