I started this blog late – the original intent was January 1, 2008, but I posted my first blog on …. oh, who remembers? I think it was January 4th. So, here I am again – posting late. I planned to post this wonderful blog about the Bridal luncheon on Saturday evening (since the luncheon was on Saturday) but I could barely string together slightly coherent words, much less write anything wonderful or write anything at all. And then I had this great plan to write this warm, fuzzy, and wonderfully funny Mother’s Day blog – didn’t happen. I was not warm, fuzzy or funny on Mom’s Day – I was just exhausted.

So, here’s the weekend at a glance –

Saturday started with the bridesmaid luncheon – well, really we started Saturday off by cleaning and picking up all the stuff that seems to migrate into my house (why do I collect all this junk and why, oh why do I keep it? but that’s for another day and another blog). The bridesmaids (less one) and my Mom and groom’s Mom gathered at my house for chicken salad, and great veggie and fruit trays – with some amazing dips! The spinach dip was my favorite. The Bride to be had great little tote bags filled with fun gifts for her bridesmaids. We enjoyed an afternoon just hanging out and talking about the upcoming wedding – because that’s all we seem to have time for these days.
Christie, Charity (the bride), Leslie (soon to be sis-in-law), Paige (my other darling daughter) and Taylor (my neice). Bridesmaid Cassie is missing

Sunday morning I got up before anyone – and I wish I could tell you that I did this to bless my family with an incredible breakfast, but no. I got up early because I was speaking at the early service at church. I’ve never been to the early service – I’d heard about it, but I don’t understand church at 8:30am. Preaching is for 11:am, right? Back to the story — I head off to church and waltz into the sanctuary at 8:15am and several people looked confused. It was a combination of seeing me at the early service and my name appearing in the bulletin beside special music (along with one of the most awesome singers I’ve heard – Gail). And for those of you who don’t know me that well, I don’t sing. It’s not that I don’t want to, I love singing and would love to belt out a little Mary, Mary one Sunday morning, but I have this little problem of pitch – I can’t seem to find the note or stay on it. So you can understand that my name in the bulletin beside the special music made many people wonder if they would be witnessing a Mother’s Day miracle. I didn’t sing. I know you’re disappointed — I read a scripture passage prior to Gail’s amazing rendition of One Touch. So while God is still in the miracle business, my becoming a singer didn’t happen.

Since my sweet family didn’t think it was a great idea to make it to the 8:30 service, I sat through the service two times and I truly enjoyed both services –same message, but a different congregation. I may just try the early service again. It was fun being with a whole different group of people and this early bunch is a fun one.

Sunday afternoon consisted of a nap. And I loved it. Sunday night was spent just lazing around watching TV with the girls and realizing this is Charity’s last Sunday night at home. The last Sunday night she’ll spend as a single girl. Next Sunday night she’ll be married.

Next Sunday night my home will be home to only three people – just one daughter at home. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Maybe I’ll just be a little of both. I’m happy that my little girl is found the man of her dreams and I’m sad to close this chapter on my life. I’m sure that I didn’t have enough time to teach her all she needs to know. There is so much more we need to talk about, things I didn’t get around to saying. But she’s not going far – only a few miles down the road. We’ll see each other often, maybe more often. I’m looking forward to the future – I’ll say more stuff that needs saying and maybe even share a bit of knowledge or rather I’ll share where she can find her wisdom. In scripture. I pray that my soon-to-be married daughter will find married life fits her well and for those days when she feels like married life is not all wonderful and warm, I pray that she’ll look to God’s wisdom for answers. I pray that she’ll not look to a world that doesn’t care for commitment.

The wedding week is in full swing and I promise to do my best to blog often.