We did it again!  Thursday afternoon me and a group of my best girlfriends headed up to our favorite getaway spot for a couple of days of just hanging out.

We managed to do just that. Thursday we stayed up laughing, eating and catching up on one another’s lives until 3am!  Friday we headed out to the Amish Bakery and on to lunch.  We know, we’re just a bunch of party animals!

We didn’t want to go hungry! 


These five women constantly amaze me.  They’ve known me for years, but they still hang around with me.  They tolerate my nutty ideas and don’t laugh when I tell them my wild dreams!  I know that these women will be there in the good times and in the bad.  We started this journey of friendship in Bible study about seven or eight years ago — none of us are really sure.  These are the girlfriends I talk about in my book (coming out in 2009).  They are an awesome bunch of women — funny, quirky, powerful prayer warriors! 

We just don’t get together much anymore.  There was a time when we saw each other several times a week, but not these days.  Now, we’re lucky to ALL of us together twice a year.  In fact, this weekend we didn’t have Shannon with us — and we missed her!  She was sick and couldn’t make it.  Guess we’ll just have to do it again!

 Here we are …. oops, the camera snapped too early or maybe that was operator error?


 Now — here we are… but we are without Shannon.


Here’s Shannon from a previous trip…..we missed her!

Another girlfriend weekend comes to an end — I can’t wait to do it again.