Apparently I’ve been on a blog break — not planned, but much needed.   Along with this hopping little blog, I also blog for Premier Christian Cruise’s Girls’ Get A Way Cruise and Extraordinary Women.

There’s also all that facebook and twitter stuff that keeps me so very busy.  Not to mention the day job that keeps me busy and the whole wife & Mom thing.  I have given up on the cleaning, cooking, and organizing stuff.  I do continue to make time for ebay shopping, hanging out with my girls, and lunches with friends.

Let me bring you up to date on what’s happened over the last many weeks.

I turned a whole year older!  I’m now 46~ whoa, when did that happen?  I still think I’m 23 28 33 and it stuns me to think I’ve crossed over the middle of the 40’s.  But who cares?  I know this is one of the best times of my life.  I’m happy, my girls are healthy and happy, and my guy is the best husband ever.   The Lord has me in such s a good place, not always comfortable and not always easy, but good, very good.

I’m sure lots of other stuff happened, but most of it I can’t remember.  Must be that whole 46 thing.  It’s a good time in life but my eyesight is dimming and my memory is slipping — just call me MeeMaw.