I’ve moved!!  Hope you like my home and my new look. I want to hear comments on it.  I like it, but if you know me then you know it’s a work in progress.  Here are some of my thoughts…..

  1. need a new, better (skinnier looking?) picture of me on the blog — not that I really want my face plastered all over your computer screen, but I like to know what people look like on their blogs so I’m just returning the favor.
  2. love, love, love the post header font — isn’t if fun?!! 
  3. love the chocolate and blue color scheme, but I think we need a little bit of pattern in the brown — just something slight and understated –would love to hear your thoughts on that.
  4. may need to move the pic of me above the category thingie (which I think is super cool, not me, the thingie)
  5. need to teach myself how to do some of the design so I can play with this thing
  6. need to stop analyzing every little detail and move on

Let me tell you this whole switch from blogspot to wordpress has been a bear for me.  There was a problem with the site not showing up and several other little glitches, nothing big, but it made me a bit nuts.  I think I may have driven the poor designer crazy — she’s probably thumbing through the help wanted section trying to find anything so she doesn’t have to deal with crazy people like me again. 

So, here I am — at my new retro looking place on the web.    I’ll be back to posting timely, intriguing, and pithy (is that really a word?) posts — oh, wait, I’ve never done that. 

So, I’ll be back to posting my stuff very soon.