And so it goes….the wedding march has played, the cake was cut, the bride was beautiful and the maid of honor was adorable. The friends were precious and so loving — family even more.

The wedding is over. I cried. My sweet hubby cried. She cried and I think the groom may have shed a tear, but maybe that was just the pollen.

Vaughn and I are exhausted and broke, but we’re happy for her and her new hubby. And God has provided for this wedding in all His grace.

It was a beautiful day – the Lord blessed us with sunshine and a wonderful breeze (which made my black chiffon palazzo pants flap and look really cool). My Mom was the only grandparent attending – Josh’s grandparents have all passed on and my Dad just didn’t feel up to it. My Mom looked great! She’s pretty stylish for a Grandmother.

My sweet hubby looked wonderful in his tux and my darling bride was just stunning! She had a great day and loved all the attention. Being the bride was perfect for her. She loves “playing wedding” and those are her words, not mine. In fact, she loves it so much she wants to start planning her little sister’s wedding – which would be great if Paige were getting married, but Paige is only 15 and she’s most certainly not getting married – she can’t even date, yet.

And so here we are – wedding day plus one and it’s all over for me. My darling bride is now a wife. She’s gone from my house to her own home. She’s an official grown up, but I told her not to worry about the whole grown up thing too much since I still have days when I don’t feel grown up.

I’m going to write a full blog about all the wedding adventures (and there were many), but for now I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures.

Charity and me just a few minutes before she became Mrs. Washburn.

My other darling daughter — Paige and my cutie pie niece, Taylor. They looked wonderful!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for one great post about the wedding.