Yes.  We were a Nielsen famiy.  It was several years ago before this blog began.  A letter came asking us to participate in the summer Nielsen ratings.  I jumped at the chance.  Little did I realize the pressure of a Nielsen family.

We didn’t have the full-blown meter installed on the tv Nielsen thing, we were just the paper-diary-for -a-week- in-July family.  We were just a the summer fill in.

The pressure was HUGE.  I had to keep up with what everyone watched and log it in the little booklet.  Oh my.  Everything we watched was supposed to go in that little booklet.  YIKES — we watch a lot of TV in July.  It’s too hot to really do anything outside so I usually opt to stay in the air conditioning,and I LOVE air conditioning — particularly in July. 

That was one tough July week.  We watched a lot of reruns of my favorite series and some educational blah, blah, blah stuff just so I wouldn’t feel stupid turning in my diary.

I bring all this up now because I have an issue with the current Nielsen families. Why are some of MY favorite shows getting cancelled? 

First there was October Road — all about friends, family and coming home again.  There’s Eddie Latekka, the high school jock, who falls for the chubby girl Janet and Nick, the returning author, who may or may not be the father of Hannah’s son.  Then there are my favorite characters — Physical Phil (an agoraphobic) and Pizza Girl, a funky, fun college student who sees beyond Phil’s fears.  The last season ending with a cliff hanger — will Eddie & Janet work it out.  Is Nick Sam’s Dad and does Hannah still love Nick? And what about Phil — will he make it out the door to save Pizza Girl? 

I’ve heard a rumor that October Road is being released on DVD and there’s a 15 minute finale — 15 minutes?  Oh please, it’ll take Janet that long to explain to Eddie why she cheated. 

Then there’s Shark — I LOVED this show.  James Woods played Sebastian Stark, a cut throat defense attorney turned prosecutor. gone.  Almost a year now and I still miss it.

Then there’s Women’s Murder Club with Angie Harmon (who just has a great detective voice) as Lindsay.   Series cancelled. What? 

So Nielsen families be careful.   I just feel like singing that 70s song  that went something like “be tender with my love na na na naaa na won’t forsake me”  I think.  I can hear it in my head but that just doesn’t translate to print well. 

All I can say is thank goodness for reality TV!  And my love of it.  But Nielsen families, please try to watch In Plain Sight and Army Wives — those are two of my new favorites.  Oh, and The Closer — that’s a great show.

Now, I’ll return this blog to other topics …. like fun & friendship and my love of Reality TV.  I have one word – The Bachelorette (well that’s two words, but the doesn’t really count). 

Can’t wait.