For an important announcement!!!! 

I have found a calendar / planner that I love! 

Now this may not sound like a big deal to some, but it’s huge for me.  I am a bit obsessive about my choice of calendars. 

For years I did the Franklin planner thing…. the whole priortize 1, 2. 3 and the dot for in-progress.  Well, I just stuck a 1 and a dot by everything — so that means everything is of the highest priority and in progress.    I assume writing on my list puts anything in progress — if I’m thinking about it, it’s in progress, right?   I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work.

I gave up the Frankling planner thing when I left the corporate world like a hundred years ago….I just wrote notes on the hangy calendar in the kitchen.  I didn’t have to priortize — I just did it. 

 When  my writing / speaking picked up and I started working with a non-profit, I had to go back to using a planner.  I tried not using one, but people get really peeved about missing deadlines — geez.  Anyway, back to the point….. which is planners or calendars.  Planners make me nervous, just the word is uncomfortable.  When someone says,  “let me check  my  planner”  I  almost expect some little leprachuan to pop up with a pen and a notepad and reel off a list of things to do.  

So, I’ve struggled for years trying to find the right planner.  I stuck with the little binder style for a while — but who needs two pages for one day?  Seriously, if I’m that busy I need a personal assistant, not some little binder.  I went to the two pages per week and that was pretty good — but I don’t like bulky binder. 

I went to the month at a glance calendar, because I found myself using only that part of the high-dollar binder refills.  That worked okay, but that’s not quite enough room. 

I tried Time Mine Calendars and these are really nice.  I tried the Life_time.mine and the time.mine calendars — I like them, but they weren’t perfect.  But I definitely recommend you checking these out if you love a paper calendar / planner. 

I was test-driving the two time.mine planners (and yes, I do test drive my calendars / planners — it’s a commitment of a whole year, I have to know we’ll work well together) when I stumbled across my new FAVORITE calendar (okay, planner). 

Blue Sky Imagination —  this one has it all.  Two page month spread, followed by two page per week spread and tabs for the months!  So perfect for me!  I was so jazzed that I wrote the company a thank you note. 

So,  it’s December 22nd and I finally have my 2009 planner!!  I’m so thrilled.  I was starting to think I would have to settle or possibly go to a Palm Pilot or something like that.  I love techy stuff, but not my planner.  I want it to be on paper so I can touch it and scribble all over it. 

Announcement is now complete — go back to your Christmas shopping, wrapping, and party going.  Have a wonderful today! 

And I hope that you, too, find the planner of your dreams!