The Internet/ blogging/ facebook/ twitter world has been shouting and singing and praising the Lord!  Joanne is waking up, breathing, and she’s coming back!  There have been some dark hours over the last two weeks and my heart has broken for this sweet family.

Tonight my heart is rejoicing!  I’m doing some serious happy dance praising!!  I’m thanking the Lord for allowing me to be a witness to His glory!  And I thank Him for allowing me to be a part of a community of women who pray for each other.  A group of women who are young, not-so-young. Moms, singles, marrieds, empty nesters, toddler chasers, working women, stay at home gals, and most everything in between.  A group that spans the globe and are so  very different with only one thing in common – a love for Christ.

I met up with many of this group on Beth Moore’s blog – I found this community just as they were planning this incredible gathering in San Antonio.   As I visited blogs and got to know these women, I knew I’d found some Jesus-loving kindred spirits.  Beth coined the word Siestas when she tried to type Sistas and spell check ‘fixed’ it for her.  The word stuck.  And the San Antonio event was titled the Siesta Fiesta!   I didn’t go – just couldn’t make it happen.

I met a few ‘Siestas’ in New Orleans when I was able to make it to the taping for the new Breaking Free Bible study.  I met more at a  Travis Cottrell concert in Woodstock, Georgia.  And  then there were lunches in Birmingham and other get togethers.  I just loved these girls – these Siestas.

And then it happened – the cliques, the in-crowd, the right bunch or whatever. Oh, how it upset me!  I cannot stand to see anyone left out – and some felt left out. I felt left out a time or two.  I truly believe it was never intentional, but perception is everything. There were hurt feelings.  I fumed. I ranted.  I was done.

I didn’t use the word Siesta. Couldn’t stand to hear it.  Didn’t want to read Beth’s blog (although she had NOTHING to do with any of it).  I just stayed far away.  I distanced myself from so many – and I was the one who lost out.

As this group rallied around Joanne to pray and support, God spoke to my heart.  It’s not about the petty stuff.  It’s about Me and Me alone. I gave you this community. It is My gift to you.

These Siestas – these sisters in the faith – are precious gift from my Lord!  They are a God-given blessing and joy. Some of my dearest friends came out of the Siesta group.

And I use the word again proudly – and I share it with you. If you chose to be a Siesta, you are one.  A Siesta is a sister in the faith.  She loves Jesus and His Word.

Thank you Joanne for showing me the way back to my Siestas.  It’s good to be back girls!