Don’t we all have a story?  I know I have a few — some funny, some not-so-much.  Some of my stories are inspiring and others are best placed in the ‘never do this’ category.

On a recent trip, I saw a woman with a story.  It was in her walk, the expression on her face, the sigh that escaped when she sat down.  Her story was just below the surface  and I wanted to ask her, but didn’t.

Some  of my stories He calls me to share — some of those are easy, others are not.  The easy ones are filled with humor, inspiration, satisfaction, and truth.  It’s hard to share the stories of pain, rejection, lies, and condemnation.  It’s rare that I do share them, only when He calls me.

It’s the untold stories that fascinate me and have captured my attention — and my heart.  So many of us need to share our stories, but we are scared of rejection or judgement.   It scares me.   But I’m learning in the sharing God can help us find out purpose. And in that purpose comes healing.  It’s a step toward wholeness.

What about you?  Are you willing to share your story?