What an amazing journey this last few months have been!

When Melinda and I started talking about the road trip we really didn’t have a clue where it would lead us — but the Lord has his plan firmly in place!  And that is what I cling to — His plan, not my own.

Yesterday, I spent the day with Lysa TerKeurst, Renee Swope and the girls at the Proverbs 31 Ministries office.  We had a live send off party!  LeAnn Rice brought in balloons and this amazing poster!

Then we did our version of a live ustream video.  There was lots of laughing and Lysa and Renee gave great tips for road trips.  Melissa Taylor and Angie Combs were managing the photos and the live feed — and y’all they are the BEST ever!   Love all these girls!

Lysa & Renee gave me two new traveling partners — I like to call them the Flatsie twins… or Lysa on a stick and Renee on a stick.

Yes, that’s them… at the top of this post.  They traveled from Charlotte to Birmingham in this zebra bag.   I did get some strange looks when I pulled the stick people out of the bag and proceeded to dig through my bag with one hand and hold the stick folks with the other.  People stepped back a few feet.  Like they’d never seen friends on a stick?  Really?

Anyway, it’s going to be so much fun with Lysa and Renee that I’m extending the stick friend offer to anyone willing to send me a stick version of yourself.

It’s easy — just print off a picture of yourself (the bigger the better, but maybe not a full life sized stand up) and attach it to some type of foam board or cardboard and attach a stick.

Now, here’s the hard part…. we need them FAST!  Like SOON!  So email me at Mary@MaryRSnyder.com and I’ll send you the mailing address.  We have to have them in hand by April 11th to make sure you make the trip!

If you send us your stick version self we’ll bring you along for the fun and post pictures of you on our site.  And you’ll be entered to win? Win what you ask?  Well we’re going to find you the perfect gift from the road!!

So get those stick versions in!!