Wallow– to devote oneself entirely; especially: to take unrestrained pleasure 

I want to jump into GRACE and take unrestrained pleasure BUT (isn’t there always a but in life) I just can’t.  I don’t feel as if I’ve earned it.  I haven’t.  If I earned it then it wouldn’t be ‘grace,’ it would be ‘wages’ or ‘merited favor.’

So why is it so dang hard to WALLOW in grace?

Why is it so hard to just ACCEPT that Jesus loves me unconditionally?

Why is it so hard to receive with open hands and an open heart?

I want to stand up and show Jesus what I’ve done in a ‘look at this Lord!  Isn’t this great?  I did this for You’ and I want to be rewarded for what I do.

Of course, I don’t want to be penalized for ALL those missed opportunities or the outright blatant disobedience.

I just want atta-girls for the good stuff.

Work hard and you’ll be recognized, right?

That’s the way of the world, right?

But grace doesn’t work that way — it’s poured out over the undeserving and that group includes me.

Jesus knows I’m faulty.  He knows I’ll fall short.  He gets me.  And even when I fall short He still loves me.

I need to extend this same grace to those around me. I should love people even when

Fall short of my expectations

Forget to complete a project

Hurt my feelings

Neglect to recognize my efforts

Overlook my contribution

I should love them, forgive them and move on.  I should extend as much grace as is extended to me.

BUT instead I set people up to fail.  I want them to meet all my expectations, all the time.

I don’t know why I want this.  I certainly don’t deliver it to anyone else.

So beginning today, I’m extending grace and more grace — or least I’m trying to do it.  I’m sure I’ll fail, miserably, but I get up and try again.  Instead of wallowing in self pity, I choose to wallow in grace.

Come on, jump in and let’s wallow in this amazing grace!