I’m having one of those level times in my life.  You know the ones where everything just rocks along status quo — life is good, great in fact, but for an adrenaline junkie,( not that I am one)  level is tough place to be.  I thrive in the Highs that come with serving God.  I love when something new and fresh is happening in my life.  I love change and I thrive on controlled chaos.    These are the mountain tops of my faith walk. These are the hilsides that He has me climb, but today I’m walking on level ground.  Just meandering with Him down this level path. 

I should love this time more, but I struggle with it.  I’m asking God to grant me great peace in this level time.  My natural state is to find a new project, start up something exciting, create my own mountain top, but I am learning to walk more closely to Him and to walk in His ways.  Today He has me walking on level ground.  

God just poured a verse out over me this week — I love it when He does that. 

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.  Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. 

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.  Ps 143:8,10

I’m just soaking in this Word — Lord lead me on LEVEL Ground!  And so much more.  Bring me a WORD of your unfailing love!  He’s doing that today.  He’s walking on this level ground with me as we prepare for our next adventure and He’s teaching me the blessings of level ground. 

This level ground reminds me of the rock path in our backyard — it was once level.  Level until hubby and I  decided to have a rock path makeover party.  Okay, there wasn’t anything party-ish about it,  just hard work, sweat, and lots of whining (me, not him).  We pulled up the loose rocks, leveled off the ground and replaced the rocks and cemented them all in.  It looked great there was just one problem — the path wasn’t level.  We forgot about that little part. While the path looks good, you’ll sprain  your ankle jumping from rock to rock. There’s nothing level about it and it requires your full attention to walk on it. 

This is like those full-speed-ahead adventures that I love. Full attention required or you’ll trip and fall. 

Walking on level ground I can just soak in God’s presence and goodness.  I can walk where His Good Spirit leads me. 

I know that my time on level ground is coming to an end, but I’m learning to love it here — in this place of levelness.  Well, I’m trying to love it.  I’m loving the time I’m spending with my Lord and I love the peace and the quietness that is entering my life.  There’s always His peace in me, but there’s rarely quiet in this wonderful wild life of mine.

What’s your life like these days?