I recently blogged about a situation where I didn’t get what I wanted.  And not only did I not get it, but I felt as if I’d worked for it.  I felt cheated.  I was hurt.

I spent a week moping and whining about this situation.

And then God OPENED my eyes to the reality of what I’d wanted.

I wanted something that would steal my focus from Him.

I wanted something that was consuming my thoughts and my life — and I didn’t even HAVE it yet.

I wanted something that would have required me to walk away from speaking, writing, blogging, and comedy.

But God wanted more for me.  He wanted my undivided attention.  He wanted me to RETURN my focus to Him.

It hurt to lose what I thought I wanted, but I’m SO glad it happened.

My heart and my focus has returned to Him.

My days are consumed with how I can better serve Him.

I seek out time to just sit at His feet.

I walk into each day with the knowledge that He alone holds my future.

I’m excited, ecstatic and encouraged.  God cares about me.  He has a plan for me and He wants my attention.

I can’t wait for what’s next in this journey!