Just a few more hours and we’ll reach the day  I’ve longed for — it’s election day!  I’m ready to find out who will be leading the nation for the next four years. . . okay, I admit it.  I’m sick of hearing about stupid… yes, I said STUPID political stuff.

Now, this isn’t a political blog.  But it’s my blog and I can write what I want.  And tonight I’m writing politics!  Tomorrow I may write about my dog, chewing gum, or the benefits of potato soup, but tonight it’s politics.  If you’re politically fragile, read with caution.

I’m tired of the twisted truth political ads!  I’m tired of Obama laughing at Americans’ who want to make their own decisions how to “share the wealth.” I know this may seem strange to some, but when I earn money I want to decide how to spread that around.  I tithe to my church and my husband and I give to many other causes and organizations, but those gifts are our choice.  We decide who gets any leftover “wealth” we may have after paying for our house, car, electricity, gas (for those dreaded cars), phone, water and heat (which sadly for us is propane gas which costs about $986 a gallon — okay that’s an exaggeration, but it’s still alot). Oh and then there are those extras like … milk, bread, and just food.

Let me be very clear, we live a very modest life.  My husband drives a semi truck for a major company and I work for a nonprofit agency and write books — trust me we are far from rich, but we’re extremely blessed.  Mr. Obama I don’t want you or anyone in Washington DC telling me how to spread my money around.  We’ll take care of those decisions, thank you very much.

Just the other day  Obama was defending his “spread the wealth” tax policies and said:

 ” John McCain and Sarah Palin they cll this socialistic. You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.

Selfishness?!  Just because I don’t want Washington to take my money and spread it around?  Geez, don’t know why, since y’all  have  done such a great job with all the tax dollars to date, right? And the deficit is what these days? 

It’s likely that we would qualify for for more tax breaks under Obama’s plan, but I don’t want that.  I want to live in a country where I can work my fanny off and succeed.  I want to live in a country where my leader knows what “In God We Trust” means.  I want to live in where my leader understands that the continue spreading of wealth is not the answer — just look at the sucess of welfare. 

I work with people who are caught up in this welfare system, this spread the wealth styled system.  Some of these are second and third generation welfare recipients. Apparently this spread the wealth concept isn’t working.  How sad!

I don’t have the answer, but then I’m not running for president, am I?  I just know this, I want a leader who understands the value of human life even before birth.  I don’t want a leader who will support allowing a child to die a cold and lonely death because he or she had the tenacity and the fight to survive an abortion procedure.  No, I don’t want you running my country. 

I will vote for the candidate who’s voting record lines up with my beliefs and whose policies I support (most of the time) and his running mate whos is NOT FROM WASHINGTON DC!  That’s reason enough to vote for her, but she also is smart and savvy and she doesn’t appear to be veru interested in foolishness.  I like that in a person – oh and she wear super cute shoes! 

Agree with me, disagree with me — that’s your right!  Just VOTE!