I’m home from vacation.  That was just a sad statement.  What is it about vacation that makes my heart soar?   I want to figure it out and try to duplicate here at home. 

Vacation — no responsibilities like paying bills, feeding dogs,  housework & yardwork.  Wait.  I don’t really do that last one and not a whole lot of that housework one either. 

Home – responsibilities. Maybe I could just skip them.   The dog would die, our lives would be repossessed and the house & yard would look about the same.


Vacation — eat at different restaurants every day and pretend that calories don’t count since I’m on vacation.

Home — cook.  Vaughn does a lot of the cooking.  I may sling something in a pot once or twice a week.    As for the calorie thing, I eat like I’m on vacation.


Vacation – do fun stuff all day long or do nothing all day long.

Home – go to work which I do love (most of the time) and some days I do nothing all day long. 

Okay, I’m the first to admit that my life is very blessed.   But there’s something about being away with j my people, just us.  It’s a precious time and I do love it. 

What is your favorite part of vacation?   

Until next time.