Sometimes I JUST do NOT like what I see when I look in the mirror!  I’m not talking about the extra pounds or the lines that seem to be popping up around my eyes, (that’s a post for another day).  I’m talking about my character.

I’ve talked a lot about Where’s The Church on this blog.  I’ve talked about my desire to get up and get out and make a difference.  I’ve talked about my dissatisfaction with what I see happening in the church in America…. and my dissatisfaction with how I’m being Jesus to those around me.

Notice the common thread there….I’ve talked.  I do a LOT of talking.  Recently I spoke (another word for talk) with someone about the book Where’s the Church. It was one of those off-the-wall-why-is-this-happening meetings that is obviously a God thing. I almost SQUEELED with excitement that she was interested in me and the project (along with another project – yes it was an exciting call!)

And now I’m waiting… and today I asked God “Why do I have to wait?  Lord, I’m okay with no….. well, I’m not okay, but I’ll live with it, but I just want to know something. Please….”

As I’m waiting, some exciting opportunities have come my way –  some go & do stuff.  I’m SO EXCITED about this, but nervous.  Also, I’m developing a Where’s the Church website.  But today I wanted to KNOW something about that call.

As I asked God, it struck me smack between the eyes – I care more about the idea of Where’s the Church? than I care about the people in need.  UGLY TRUTH! and I was looking dead at it.

Where’s the Church is about going beyond ourselves (myself)to reach out to those in our community, our nation, our world, it’s not about selling a book or getting another speaking engagement.   It’s about relationships.  It’s standing face to face with believers and asking the question – Where’s the Church?  And it’s about reaching out to people and saying We are the Church and what can we do for you.

So I’m still waiting… and hoping, but I’m also looking for ways to go out and reach out and be the Church.