I can be a very focused person — yes, I know you’ve probably heard otherwise, but I can.  Really.  I can get so caught up in the ‘stuff’ of life that I forget to live life.  I forget to enjoy life.  I’m working on it, or rather the Lord is working out in me.  I started with people — I’m learning to be very aware of the person the Lord places right in front of me as opposed to the person I want to be in front of.

We had a long, cold (for my truly Southern blood) winter and we jumped straight into the HOTTEST SUMMER I CAN EVER REMEMBER.  And yes, I am given to the occasional exaggeration, but it was SERIOUSLY HOT in Alabama this year.  I missed my spring on the deck time.

The weather is cooling and I can take advantage of a few morning hours (more if I use the box fan) on the deck.

Sometimes  forget just how incredible it is to live where I do ….


And this is what I’m looking out over in the morning as I drink coffee and start my day….


It’s like sitting in a tree house – and when it’s cool enough I sit out for hours.  I work out here, I write out here, I pray out here.  It’s a wonderful place spend some time with Jesus.

Sometimes I have to see the pictures to truly see what is beyond my nose.

What about you?  Do you really see what or who God is placing in front of you?