Today Barack Obama was sworn in as the President of the United States.  Okay, I admit it, I really wanted to see what Sarah Palin would have worn to the balls — and McCain’s wife, can’t think of her name, bet she would have some really great gown. 

I have to give Michelle Obama her kudos — the yellow dress and coat were great.  The white ball gown that looked like someone ran it through the lawn mower, not so great.  What was she thinking? At first I thought, maybe this is the second string gown. But I don’t think so. 

In my lifetime (and I’m not that old), I have watched our nation grow and change.  I can remember the ‘white only’ water fountains.  Sure, it wasa at an old country store and the sign was faded, but it was the 70s, why were the signs still there.  Did people still believe in such segregation in the 1970s?   Sadly,  this attitude was still prevalent at this time. 

I’ve watched our country swear in the first African American president!  How amazing!

I’m praying that President Obama will lead our country with great wisdom and be surrounded by godly counsel.

I’m also praying that God will call out Christians to speak up, speak out, step up and make a difference for this country.

I want to be one that the Lord calls on.  I want to pay attention and here God’s call on my life.  I want to quiet the noise of my life and listen to that still soft voice.  I want to be ready and equipped so I’m ready for the work God is placing before me.

I’m praying that all the glory goes to God – in all things.  In our country, I pray that God is glorified.  In our president, I ask the Lord bless him with the wisdom to lead this country.  And in my life, I ask that God give me the ability to submit my will to His perfect will.

To God be the glory — Great things He has done.

May He continue to pour His blessings out on our great nation.