Three weeks and two days ago I announced my decision to have weight loss surgery — it was also the day i had surgery. It’s been a wild ride over these last three weeks.  I’ve learned how to live on a liquid diet — which is a lot easier when you only have a quarter of your stomach left.

Thank goodness I am through with the drinking all my meals stage. There comes a point where a girl just needs to chew.

I’m learning how to eat slower, eat smaller portions and eat healthy.  It’s a process.

but then isn’t everything a process.  You don’t just wake up with the full knowledge of how to do something….well other than breathing, I think that one is built in.

Sometimes the easiest things are a process for me….like being nice.  Some days I have to breathe in and out several times and then chomp down on my tongue before I can be nice.  I’m learning that process through this process.  People feel entitled or maybe empowered to ask some personal questions about my reasons gorgeous surgery.  I am a bit stunned at the audacity, but I try to be nice and put them in their place all at the same time. It’s a tricky two step.

But then I remember people are curious beings and they can ask, but I don’t have to answer.  I’m navigating this new normal and trusting God’s hand and direction in my life.  We are all different. We all have a different path to follow. My way will not be your way.  God has a unique plan for each of us.

Embrace the plan God has for you!!