Three weeks.  Twenty one days. That’s all that’s left.  December 6 2011! 

In just three weeks God, Grace & Girlfriends releases and then… well then it’s out there.  All my stories.  The book that was written from my heart.  The message I lived — the message the Lord has for me to share.

Girlfriends are wonderful, but God is FIRST!

He ALONE is my rock and my foundation.  I have to know who I AM in Christ before I can be a friend to anyone.

There’s a part of me that cannot wait for you to read the book and another part of me that just wants to hide in a hole.  Sure I look all self-assured, but I’m just a mess.  I’m afraid you won’t like it.   And then I remember ….

This book isn’t about me and you.  It’s about me and God.  It’s the story He had me live so I can share it with you.  It’s the story of mistakes and great grace.  There are ideas, warning signs, suggestions and some laughs.  You’ll find ideas for getting away whether you have an hour or a week — really there’s a little something for all of us.

I’m nervous, thrilled, excited and a bit anxious — but above all that I am GREATLY humbled.  This is a book about girlfriends, but it’s more about the God that brings us ALL together and the AMAZING adventure of faith!