What if I made choices based on what I liked?  And not what the media told me I liked.

What if I wore my hair the way I liked?  And not the way the current superstars are wearing their hair.

What if I wore the clothes I wanted?  And not the ones that covered the pages of magazines and are showcased on tv.

What if I made my decisions without any outside influence.  Just me and God.  No media, no history, nothing.

I wonder what I would like?

Right now you’re probably thinking I’m some weak-willed, trend-following, low self-esteem woman, but I’m not.  I’m strong willed (to a fault, mine), opinionated (just ask my husband), rule breaking girl (and yes, I do use that term ‘girl’ very loosely).

But we  all make choices based on popular culture – seriously, is there any other reason for parachute pants and those horrible 1980s rompers —  and the skort,  lest we forget that fashion wonder.

Also, what about the bi-level hair cut, aka the Mullet.  At one point did any one of us look at that and think – wow, that’s really cute.  No.  We succumbed to media pressure.  I don’t know where that unfortunate trend started but EWW!

I’ve made lots of bad choices in my life – some of them fashion, others much more long lasting.  Some were based on popular culture and others were based on bad decisions.

Many years of  my life I lived WAY outside of God’s grace, but what I love about Jesus is He never stops pursuing us.  And He never stopped pursuing me.  All those years I walked in and out of bad choices, He was in constant pursuit of my heart.  I love that about Him!

And all those bad choices?  All I can say is every bad choice can  be used for His glory and no sin can keep me from His grace.  Praise the Lord!

Sadly, I did spend two years in the season of the bi-level (or, if you must, the Mullet) .

What about you – any bad choices fashion or otherwise?