What is GG&G you ask?  It’s a book – Girlfriends, God & Grace.  It’s my book.  It’s the book that took me down a road – well, it was more like I just hung on as we RACED down the road.  I bounced around behind, just hanging on as we traveled through the grassy meadows and the rocky roads.  Many times I just wanted to LET GO, but for some reason the Lord planted my hands firmly to this project.

GG&G started out as a simple friend book – nothing heavy handed or too high browed.  Just fun with friends.  And then God took me down some hard, HARD roads and the book took on a new dimension – still fun, still friends, but also with a word of caution about relationships.  I could write about it because I lived it and had the battle scars to prove it.

And then the book sold –  I stood in awe that God would use all the junk I’d gone through to His glory.  I was stunned and relieved – whew!  I was out of the woods – no more hard lessons, back to the fun friend stuff.

I spent the next many months finishing up the manuscript.  That sentence sounds so peaceful – trust me when I say it was NOT peaceful.  I whined, cried, ate ridiculous amounts of bad food, and  slept at my desk. And those were the good days.  I do not speak of the bad days – I’m trying to erase them from my mind.

At LAST – the book is finished. The edits are done. The cover is chosen.  Fonts are picked.  The layout is decided.   Just weeks away from the book going to the printer – and I get the call.

We’re sorry, but we’re cancelling this book.


There were lots of words about the down economy, need to streamline, cutting half the upcoming publishing list, and that while they all love me I’m definitely NOT going to sell like Max Lucado…. I may have made up that last part.

I sobbed.  They hate me.  I’m awful.  I’ll never be a writer.  I QUIT.

And then I picked myself up off the floor and got back to life.  GG&G came back home – she was more grown up and had seen some of the world.  I stuck her in a drawer for a while and then sent her to Sandra Bishop at MacGregor’s Literary agency and she became her new champion.

Sandra worked tirelessly – I got bored.  I was tired of the fun friend stuff and I didn’t want anything to do with the hard relationship stuff.  I was ready to move on.

Fast forward to December 2010 and a phone call with New Hope Publisher – and I knew this was where the Lord was leading when I heard words like ‘add more scripture’ and ‘focus on serving together’

And this is where I am today.

I’m so THRILLED to be working with New Hope Publishers

As I look back over the roads I’ve traveled with this book, I’m so thankful.

  • I connected with Premier Christian Cruises – who I now work with.
  • My speaking / teaching ministry has grown by leaps & bounds.
  • I met more blogging friends than I can count – they are such a blessing.
  • GG&G grew to encompass more than friends, it’s about reaching beyond ourselves
  • I found Facebook & Twitter – what did I do with all my spare time before I got so ‘connected.’
  • GG&G found a new home where I believe we both will fit right in

It’s been a journey – rough at times, easy at others and I’m so glad the Lord never allowed me to let go.  He kept my heart planted in the middle of this project, even when my head and hands wanted to leave.

What about you?  What journey does the Lord have you traveling?  You sat through my story, let me hear yours.