I was considering why I don’t blog more and I think it’s because I don’t have that much to say…okay, you can stop laughing now. 

I have a LOT to say but it’s the focus required to stay on topic – I tend to lose my train of ….. have you seen the new Miley Cyrus video?  What’s up with that girl?  Dressing like a bird….I just saw turkeys on sale the other day. I think I’ll make turkey and dressing soon….

Get my point?

So, I decided I’d just share a list of random happenings & thoughts

Miley Cyrus – darling girl… your video… oh my. What’s up with the bird thing?   Whole separate post to come …

Water meter – the water meter guy came out a few weeks ago and pulled our meter.  Yes, you heard me, just took the meter.  And yes, we’d paid the bill.  I still don’t know what happened, but the water guy who put it back told me he’d pulled four meters and had to put them all back.  Don’t you love the way I’m using ‘pulled the meter’?  That’s because I know the water meter lingo – which you learn when you spend a whole day trying to get someone, anyone to bring your water meter back!

Web sites – terrify me. Not the sites themselves, but the whole building, installing, coding, and junk . I’m not afraid of wild bears, rollercoasters, and I’ll even stand up to a clown, but web site stuff just makes me feel incredibly inept.  I’ve spent the better part of today talking to Melinda about a web site for gIRL and responding to the web person’s questions about CMS and site maps.  I need chocolate and a pill.

Air Conditioners – are important.  And not supposed to make a loud, banging noise or shake your house.  Just my little Public Service Announcement.

God – is amazing, awesome and just blows me away at every turn!  I love this life of faith. 

Nashville – can’t begin to imagine the widespread devastation.  I love the spirit of the people in Nashville.  They’ve just wading through the water and helping one another. That’s what this country is supposed to be about, not entitlement packages and lawsuits.  But back to Nashville – love the heart of that city.  I am also shocked that the National media hasn’t reported on this….. hey, the city is UNDER WATER!  Makes me just want to shock!  This is music city USA – the heart of country music.  But I loved watching this – Nashville flood video

Button issues – for some unknown reason I cannot get the gIRL button on my sidebar and this makes me feel horribly inept and insecure so please don’t mention to me.  Thanks.

Cats – we are the proud owners of two cats and both think they are dogs.  It’s different. 

Weight – I don’t like mine and it seems to be going up. 

Cruises – I LOVE this part of my job.  And for those who are here for the first time, I cruise for work.  It’s a tough life but someone has to do it.  Actually, I work for Premier Christian Cruises as the group sales coordinator.  It’s both a blast and a blessing of a job.

I’m now out of topics unless you want to discuss Charming Charlie – which is my new favorite place to buy cheap affordable accessories.  I hope you have one in your area.  If not, start a petition.

Until next time….