I have a sore throat.  I don’t mean a tiny little ouchie, I mean it feels as if my throat is ON FIRE and I’m trying to put it out by swallowing swords. I don’t get sick much, but when I do it can get a little dramatic.

And on top of the flaming throat, the congestion that makes me feel as if I’ve ingested wet fiberglass, I can’t sleep.  I was up at 5AM!   Who gets up at 5 am without a reason?  Who, I ask you?  No sane person, that’s who. 

I can’t speak, I’m wide awake and I feel as if there is a lesson in here. This is one of those teachable moments, much like my spray on tan experience, but not nearly as much fun. The teachable part my be in the ‘can’t speak’ part.  And let me share that the ‘can’t speak’ part is tough, REAL Tough!

Don’t know what the lesson is yet, but as soon as I decipher it, I’ll let you in on it.

Until then I’m off to the doc to see if he has a remedy for my raging throat and congestion.  And I’m open to any raging throat remedies you may want to share!!