Dress Shopping — oh , the horror

Last week we decided to hit the mall and look for dresses. And these aren’t your standard run-of-the-mill dresses these are dresses for “wedding time.” We have that most important dress – the Wedding Gown – which continues to hang proudly in my living room (in a bag, so the dog doesn’t chew it up, like she does everything else we own). We also have the bridesmaid dresses, but we’re a few dresses short.

We don’t have the mother of the bride dress or dresses for the showers. Charity wants me to wear something more serious and more fitting the role of the mother of the bride (or the MOB, as a friend calls it). I’m just not too excited about the boring, dull MOB stuff that I’ve found. I want something fun and me –Here’s a visual to help you see our differences.

this is what I like:

And this….
This is what she wants me to wear:

Now you see what I mean. I want my daughter’s wedding to be wonderful and magical.. I just don’t want to be dressed like the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live….okay, I think I just dated myself with that reference, but oh well.

We’re trying to find that middle ground. I’m giving up the vibrant lime green or sparkling red and she’s giving up the buttoned up, boring vanilla looking MOB dress.

We’ve found a few shower dresses, but we’re still short a MOB dress. But, we’re shopping warriors and we won’t give up – we’re working our plan for the next shopping trip and this one involves an overnight stay in Atlanta. Serious stuff!

We are so different – my princess bride and me, but it makes life fun and interesting. She is her own person and she has her own opinions. I’m proud of the woman she is today and I have to remind myself, regularly, that she’s all grown up.

In just a few short weeks I’ll be wearing my MOB outfit and she’ll be in her wedding gown. She’ll look stunning and I’ll look …. well, let’s just hope I don’t look like a reject from the Golden Girls casting (there’s another reference that dates me).