YIKES!  Where have I been?  I haven’t posted in a week …. oh wait, it’s been longer.  Now, let the excuses begin.  I’ve been:



out of words (sure!)

unable to express my opinion (like that’s ever happened)

out of the country (nope!)

out of my mind….. now, that’s believable.

I have been the first two – busy and tired.  Life is just overwhelmingly busy, but very blessed!  I’ve been writing, blogging, working, mothering, wife-ing (now, why isn’t that a verb) and the occasional load of laundry.  Notice, I didn’t mention housework – don’t drop in (at least not this week) unless you  wouldn’t mind cleaning up on your way in the house. 

 But I’m back… well, almost.  I’m going to post some kickin’ pictures this week.  V and I are off in the mountains -resting and relaxing, along with our fair share of laughing.

 So, to get us rolling here is a picture for you viewing pleasure.  The view from our deck — the Great Smokie Mountains!  Amazing, aren’t they!



Stayed tuned for much more of me this week….. and beyond.