God sent His Son to us  — the One who came to take away the sins of the world – and He allowed Him to be born to a young virgin and in a dirty barn.  He allowed Him, the King of Kings, to be born without earthly fanfare.  He was born in Bethlehem  and the only people who came to see him were the shepherds from the fields and later the wise men from the East.

This lowly birth for the King of kings and Lord of lords.

I consider this and look at the spectacular events to commemorate His birth — incredible programs with light shows, drive-through nativity scenes, musical events, and so much more.   Thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours  are spent to celebrate the birth of our Savior – and I’m not saying it’s wrong or maybe I am.

We worry if every child has a gift to open on Christmas day, but we don’t consider the thousands of children who have no homes or food.

We want to help our neighbors during the Christmas season, but we are not that interested in April.

What if instead of the $500 or $10,000 we spend on our incredible Christmas extravaganza we pool all that money together and build housing for  homeless children and families?  Think about what 100 churches could do in just ONE YEAR!

What if instead of an incredible Broadway -worthy show about the amazing gift of His birth, we read the scriptures over a cup of cider and a hot bowl of soup?  And the money saved, we serve that soup every week and share a scripture every week.

God’s Word is where we find the incredible –– not on a platform or in a choir loft.

I wonder what Jesus, who was born in that dirty manger, thinks about us as we create these programs but forget the people we are trying to reach.

What if we decide to do Christmas every month of the year?

What kind of difference would we make?