I’ve spent the last several days in  sad place –  I see the damage, hear the stories and learn of the losses that are all around.  Seems the local greeting has gone from ‘how’re y’all?” to “Is everyone okay?  Did y’all have any damage?’”  And the more I ask, the less I want to know.  I want to roll back the clock to Tuesday before tornadoes torn through Alabama and forever changed the landscape – and our hearts. 

This cloud of sadness was smothering me – and it still wells up from time to time and then I think about those around me who’ve lost everything. I can’t begin to imagine the shock, the sadness,, the grief – but they can’t stop and whine about what to do (like I seem to be doing), they have to push through.  The damage is reality.   It is the reality of so many, but not me.  I was just sad – and the sadness paralyzed me.

And then I starting writing about it.  Some I’ve shared here and some is just for me.  I’ve prayed and begged God to show we where and how to be His hands and feet to those impacted. And in those quiet moments with Him, He reminded me just who I am in Him.  I’m not a shrinking violet, stand-in-the-corner-and-wait-girl.  I’m a grab your boots and let’s go girl!

So I’m grabbing my pink high top hiking boots (closest thing I own to work boots) and setting out to find a place to serve!  I am asking for BIG stuff – I am calling in all manner of favors.  So if you know me, don’t be surprised if I ask for something.  I’m just being big and bold for those who lost so much!

There are needs EVERYWHERE!  And there are stories of hope among the stories of loss.  Those are the stories I want to share here and everywhere.  God is in control and not one wisp of wind took Him by surprise.  Why did He allow this storm?  I don’t know and I don’t understand, but I do know this – He is God and I am not.  He is my Hope and my refuge. 

God is Hope – not the wishful thinking stuff, but the HOPE of tomorrow.  He is the rock on which I stand and the foundation of my life.  It’s in this HOPE that I find peace and joy.  And I pray this for every person impacted by this storm – May we ALL  ABOUND in HOPE! 


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. (Romans 15:13 ESV)

Ways to help:

List from AL.com

Samaritan’s Purse

Alabama Possible (list of needs – from volunteers needed to supplies and everything in between)