I went shopping.

Now, I realize that to many of you this isn’t a big deal, but for this former PLUS size girl, it was a huge deal.  First, let me just do a little happy dance that I just wrote (and am living the words) FORMER Plus Size Girl!  Wahoo!!



I’ve not been clothes shopping in quite some time but I have two business trips coming up in the next two weeks and I can’t go wearing my pajama bottoms and an oversized tee. Although, it might make the business more casual.  But I digress, back to the shopping.  I walked into one of my favorite department stores and headed straight for the Woman’s section (which is a fancy way to say Plus Size) and then it hit me.  I don’t wear this size any more.  I was giddy with excitement.  I had long looked over at those racks of sizes 4 through 14 and thought ‘If Only….’  Those clothes were so much cuter.  So many more options…. at least I thought so.

I made my way over to the ‘regular’ (because really what IS regular) sizes and I shopped and shopped and then I shopped some more.  But I caught myself looking over at the plus size section and thinking …. “look at all that cute stuff.”

Goodness, I can’t be satisfied.

I thought it was a one time happening, but I noticed I’m doing the same thing at Zulily.com .  Now, if you don’t know about Zulily, I’m SO SORRY!  They have the cutest clothes at the best prices.  I’ve shopped there for years and there was always a few cute Plus size options but I always WANTED to shop the ‘regular’ sizes — they just had so much more to pick from.  Well, now that I’m shopping the regular sizes I’ve noticed that the plus sizes have the CUTEST stuff.

So, what I’ve realized is the grass is always greener over there.    Or I’m hard to please.  Or I always want what I can’t have.  Maybe it’s a little bit of all three.    But i know this, I’m happy with the weight loss (36 lbs in 7 weeks!) and I’m thrilled at how good I feel.  I haven’t had ONE headache since surgery…. and I had at least one headache a day and ate motrin and aspirin by the handful.  I’ve not taken one pill since surgery!

What about you?  Do you ever find you’re hard to please?  Or that something you wanted for so long doesn’t quite live up to the expectation?